Umpqua Juju Baetis Tungsten Craven's - 12 Pack

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A perfect Baetis imitation had become Charlie Craven's Holy Grail. Originally an offshoot of his Jujubee Midge, this pattern has been continuously refined and re-designed before it came to market. It is a great fly, one that has been heavily tested over selective feeders in Colorado waters, one that has been creating quite a buzz among area tiers/fishermen, and finally a fly that is strikingly beautiful with inherent box-appeal. But we do ask you to inspect this fly closely: • Subtle abdomen of Super Hair in Brown and Black segmentation. Look closely, the trout certainly will. • Fluoro Fiber wingcase and legs for a minimum of bulk yet lots of glow. • Mirage Opal wingcase that shines like a little jewel. • The final perfecting came with the addition of a tear-drop dorsal using Loon's UV Knot Sense as an overcoating. This fly has a glowing transluscency with the added benefit of greater durability.