Umpqua Mercury Midge - 12 Pack

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Everyone knows that the South Platte is a graduate school for educated trout; a stream that sees a lot of flies tossed by a lot of fishermen is an understatement. When Pat first saw this color of glass beads in the summer of 1997, he put them on a hook and created the Mercury Midge-Gray. He watched in amazement as the South Platte rainbows moved up to a foot to intercept this new offering, something they rarely, as opposed to subtly sideslipping the usual patterns. In rapid succession, he created the Mercury Pheasant Tail, then the Blood Midge for the Big Horn. As secret as he tried to keep these new creations, the word spread, to the Arkansas River, then beyond. He began getting calls late at night from fishermen asking to buy several dozen at a time. The entire Mercury series fools tough, hard-fished trout. So imagine what it will do when cast into less pounded waters to less discerning prey.