Umpqua Morgan's Para-Midge - 12 Pack

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This is a more visible alternative to the deadly Morgan's Midge we introduced in 2005. That pattern, which some consider the best dry midge ever fished, could be difficult to see, especially for many of our aging eyes. This new Morgan's Para-Midge is the solution, affording much greater visibility while retaining the key properties that rendered the original so deadly on stream. The Para-Midge retains the glistening and critical nymphal shuck…CDC wings for floatation and realism. This new version however uses a diminutive white foam cylinder for visibility, floatation and posting for the parachute-hackled grizzly. This is a great fly for a dry dropper combination during midge hatches, or better yet…a two dry combo: the Para-Midge with the original Morgan's Midge as a second dry trailer. No matter how it's fished, this new wrinkle is a sure-fire winner!