Umpqua Sexstone Tungsten - 12 Pack

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When I came up with this pattern I was living in Southwest Colorado, which is in the middle of some great stone fly rivers, fifteen years ago. This fly became my go to pattern guiding this area and quickly made a name for itself with all the local anglers. As I started fishing other waters in the state, Roaring Fork , Gunnison , Colorado , Conejos , the Sexstone kicked some ass. Then I started to travel the country and this fly kicked ass on the upper Provo in Utah, the Gallaton in Montana and Penns Creek in PA. , just to name a few, This fly was also a killer in New Zealnad. I just moved to Reno Nevada, right on the Truckee River, and the Sexstone crushes this river. Basically, if there are stone flies in the river the Sexstone will catch fish.