Umpqua Stonedaddy - 12 Pack

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Doug Ouellette's Stonedaddy is definitely a great example of the fly designing process. Doug discovered that the trout of the lower Truckee love to chow down on both the big stonefly nymphs in the river and the small crayfish that crawl all over the stream bottom. His Stonedaddy fly is a highly creative blending of the features of both organisms. Trout can eat a big stonefly nymph and/or baby crayfish in one bite. And please note, this is not just a fly that looks good. It's a fly that ìworks good. Doug, and his friends and clients, have plied the Stonedaddy in the Truckee with powerful effects. Not just catching fish, but catching big fish, I take that back, catching huge fish. Outfitters to the right. Gary Borger