Umpqua Tungsten Carotene - 12 Pack

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This fly is about three years old and I was just playing around with a jig hook and some of my favorite materials. I was trying for something really simple and general. I think the Carotene covers stones , caddis and mayflies. I have fished in several competitions the last three years and this fly has made a difference in each competition. I have so much confidence fishing this fly no matter were I am at. I fish it like a basic nymph , but when there is caddis activity I will swing it like a wet fly and crush them. The Carotene is always in my box in sizes from 8 to 14 and I have caught fish all over the world with this pattern. This is one of my secret flies and this was not easy to give up but what the hell. Thanks for everything Bruce and I hope this is enough. Cheers