Wolf Tooth

Wolf Tooth Bash Guard: for 104 BCD Cranks, fits 26T - 30T Chainrings

Lowest Price Guarantee

SKU: CR0184

If you like the rough stuff, log hopping, bouldering on your bike or occasionally like to see if you can break your bike on the gnarlies, protect that Wolf Tooth 104 or 64 BCD ring with one of these properly sized bashes.

  • Only fits cranksets with an outside "big ring" mounting position - they do not fit cranks without a dedicated flat surface for an outside ring
  • Use 8mm chainring bolts if mounting your chainring in the middle position, utilize 6mm bolts if utilizing a 64 BCD ring
  • If utilizing a 30T Wolf Tooth ring, use 10mm length bolts with the head of the bolt on the inside to provide clearance for the chain

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